Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gadget 1.0.0

Yesterday I had time to package the first stable of my personal web dev kit called Gadget. You can download it right here. Though it's completely OO code, it was not written for OO purists, it was written for me and people that want things get done. You can have a look at the very rough docs; though I suggest digging the code, if you're really interested. You can see an incarnation of it at this web site.

Once one is a bit familiar with its concept, one can get things done very quickly.
It is based on independent widgets which usually consist of a template and some main() code, once a widget is created it is registered in the display queue. The application controlling is totally left over to the developer, so one might want to use QFC, the KISS Gadget_Handler, make the Widgets self-controlling or what ever...

Note that it makes heavily use of PEAR and some of its library classes, and that it was written for DB_DataObject and that Gadget_DAO was written for Mysql, as this is my primary RDBMS target. However Gadget does not force you to use it, as well as it does not force you to use its template engine or any of the shipped providers and services for authentication, configuration, user/mail/rights management a.s.o, which are instantly replaceable.

So far... have fun, until I've set up a web site! ;)