Sunday, March 3, 2013


pecl_http-1.7.5 has been released today.
Nearly a year and 170k downloads after the last release (1.7.4 was released April 2nd 2012).

It fixes a single bug:
  • Bug #64310 (weak etags W/"abc" are quoted as "W/"abc"")

The same user (thanks Niko), discovered a peculiarity of libcurl:
  • If you utilize libcurl's TIMECOND feature through pecl_http's lastmodified request option, libcurl ignores response bodies from servers that do not closely follow the RFC and send a 200 OK response instead of a 304 Not Modified when the condition is unmet.
Slightly more background information is available at the relevant bug report.

Please leave a comment, if you have an opinion about which component's behavior is arguable here.