Friday, June 10, 2005

Gadget 1.1.0

I just came along to release the Gadget Web Development Kit 1.1.0

List of changes:


  • vastly enhanced and simplified Gadget_Formatter::quoteText()

  • simplified Gadget_Template_Action class layout and loading

  • added Gadget_Template_Action_function

  • refactored Gadget_Tree_Search and companions

  • Gadget_Tree::fputs() now attempts to create the destination directory

  • Gadget_Uploads nameToSafe() and nameToUniq() now return the new names

  • Gadget_Upload::nameToSafe() now allows hyphens

  • Gadget_Widget::load() now uses readfile() instead of include() if template won't be rendered

  • added no_prefetching option to Gadget_Service_Security

Bug Fixes:

  • Gadget_Mail::deleteMail() deleted the mail after moving it to the Trash folder

  • Gadget_Tree::fromNode() was not really returning a refernce to the node

  • Gadget_Template_Compiler did an additional save of XML parsed template data

  • Gadget_Template_Action_while was infunctional

  • Gadget_Tree_XML::toFile() added an additional XML declaration

  • Gadget_Service_Mailaccount didn't properly act upon errors

  • Gadget_Search_Fulltext wrongly calculated expiration

  • Gadget_Temaplate_XmlParser put phpized code for comparison of form option element hooks into template

Yeah - I kow - still no website...

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