Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Submitting a patch for PHP

If you once have that odd feeling that something in PHP is missing and you're brave enough to write something up (a patch) that would change that situation in your eyes, don't expect such a submission will make it into old branches.

Questions to include new features in PHP-4 or PHP-5.0 will most probably be declined (for a good reason), so the chance that the invested time is wasted time is rather high.

If you still feel confident about your addition, write the patch against the CVS HEAD or at least 5.1 branch, but for PHP-5.1 which is around the corner the probability for acceptance of new features has decreased a lot (or rather completely).

On the other hand, if your patch is trying to fix a bug, don't hesitate to provide a patch for every single CVS branch ;)

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