Friday, February 3, 2006

Some cool new features of pecl/http

PECL::HTTP version 0.22 has been released this morning, and I want to point at some features which have been added to the extension since I last blogged about it.

Incremental zlib (de)compressors were added in form of two classes, HttpDeflateStream and HttpInflateStream. I hope the names say it all ;)

Another class, that might seem a bit odd at a quick glance, is HttpQueryString. It's a great tool to realize "paging" or sites with lots of rewrite rules AKA "pretty urls".

The class HttpMessage has finally got its iterator interface to move up the message chain in a more convenient way. Messages can now be detached and prepended from/to the message chain.

Thanks to Ilia you can now retrieve the raw request and response messages sent resp. received by an HttpRequest instance.

The function http_build_url is now the most versatile and powerful utility to handle URLs (sorry for the lack of docs). Please tell me if you don't think so ;)

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