Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Phar vs World

Recent discussions about inclusion of pecl/phar into the core distribution shows again that we are missing a defined process of handling additions to the PHP main distibution. How many people are really reading through all mails of 100+ message threads?

It's going to be a chaos. Always. Once a developer has got his new, shiny and soon-to-be-world-dominating extension into the core, he'll be a even stronger advocator of the "no-new-extensions" camp. Not to disrespect any work, but this is pure rivalism, masculine--really!

The idea of moving extensions from core to pecl is honorous, but we all know the current problems of this ideology.

Many people have asked me when pecl/http will be included in the main distribution. My answer is short and simple: "Never" (I usually add a tiny sentence, but that's nothing encouraging either).

Ah... and please do me a favour: rather keep your comments to yourself :) (...or toss it into the nonsense thread@internals).

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